Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Seattle Edition: Marge

For the next few days I will be briefly reviving Pretending to Know You while I attend the AWP Conference in Seattle

Seen at Seattle Coffee Works at about 4 p.m., Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Marge likes to pour her own milk in, make sure it's just so. There is such a thing as too hot for her drink, and there is such a thing as too cold for her body--stump neck wrapped and round head covered, despite the sun. No rain is better than rain, but no rain isn't good enough to make her stop thinking she should have moved to Florida with Jean when she had the chance. There is no such thing as too close to her sister.

Marge owns one pot and one dog and she buys two large stalks of broccoli, one for her pot and one for her dog because lately the hills have been reminding her to watch her weight. There is such a thing as too heavy, there is no such thing as too much butter. And that's Marge's problem: her suches and her no suches are her closest companions. Not even her dog is closer--her dog likes his broccoli just so, and he can't tell Marge how to make it.

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