Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sister Bard and Sister Michaelene

Seen outside the UNLV campus at about 11:30 a.m.

Sister Bard and Sister Michaelene stand on a street corner selling God. Despite the heat, their skirts brush the ground and their blouses fully cover their sweating breasts. "Are you a religious person?" they ask the passersby. No, no, and no. No thanks. Not interested. Fuck off.

When they head home at night, exhausted and dejected, Sister Bard seeks solace in Sister Michaelene's hands, and, occasionally, in the crook of her neck. Sister Michaelene reads their favorite passages from the Book of Mormon aloud, interspersed with soft kisses on the cheek.

I was finally accosted by Mormons today! Apparently Meghan and I didn't look enough like we could be converted in Milwaukee, but I guess I looked kind and receptive today. I took one of their cards, just to be nice. Now I have songs from The Book of Mormon stuck in my head.

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