Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Seen on the way home from the Freakin' Frog at about 11 p.m., September 9th, 2013

I follow girls home from bars because I like the challenge. Will they pull out a taser? A gun? Do they know goddamn kung-fu? Girls are awful resourceful these days.

I follow girls home from bars because they deserve it. Look at all they have: youth, beauty--even money, or at least money enough for beer. Why do they get to lead such charmed lives? They're asking for a little unpleasantness. Besides, everyone should know fear. Builds character.

I follow girls home from bars because I'm bored. What else am I supposed to do on a Monday night? I got a place to sleep, sure, all cuddled up with the roaches. No TV--can't watch the game. Nothing in the fridge but some curdled milk. I'm even out of cigarettes, and the passersby aren't too fucking generous this evening. At least this way I get to see some pretty little asses bounce as the girls run on home.

Let me tell you, after last night I am quite happy that Lulu was considerate enough to buy  me some pepper spray. Are you reading my personal blog, Viva Las Becky? If not, you should. Just sayin'. 


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