Thursday, September 19, 2013


Seen at the Aveda Institute on Eastern at about 9 a.m., September 18th, 2013

Emil moved to Vegas because he liked glitter, and he figured that Vegas did, too. Salt Lake City did not like glitter. It didn't like high heels, either. When he stole a pair from his mother's closet (navy patent leather) and wore them to school, he received a detention and a cruel nickname that still found its way onto his Facebook page from time to time.

His father--strict, Mormon, miserable--once described Emil as "debaucherous." That's another reason Emil moved to Vegas. If his father's description was indeed apt, why not move to the debauchery capital of the world? Sometimes his father sends him letters. Emil burns them when he lights his cigarettes.

When he boarded the Vegas-bound bus, Emil brought one bag of clothes with him, including the patent leather heels; his mother said she didn't want them anymore. Now he has a closet full of bedazzled jackets and he buys designer shoes for cheap at T.J. Maxx.

This guy was fabulous. I got another great hair cut at the Aveda Institute for soooo cheap. Love that place.

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