Thursday, August 29, 2013


Seen at Silver Sevens Casino, August 22nd, 2013

B-7 N-32 G-54 B-12 O-64 O-70 I-18 O-62 the numbers soothe her like a chant N-34 like counting sheep I-27 I-20 O-75 she slouches toward the table, cigarette B-9 I-22 slouching from her lips, daubing patterns in pale blue G-46 N-40 O-69 B-2 N-37 someone died G-60 on her shift today, baby wailing against I-16 N-39 N-45 mommy's cold O-61 bloody chest G-51 O-66 she can B-3 almost B-15 forget B-1


Rachael snaps straight, red-eyed, envious, fearful, exhausted, nauseous.

"Alright, folks, the next game will be played on page three, and this time we're looking for 'bottomless.'"

This one got a little bit prose-poemy, didn't it? I played with a bunch of people in my program last week. It was a far more fast-paced game than I anticipated, because they want you to miss numbers. I have my own dauber now. It's pink.

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