Thursday, July 11, 2013


Seen on the Purple Line to Linden at about 8 a.m.

The moment he heard about the new paperbacks, Anders called a meeting of The Believers.

“This is the chance we’ve been waiting for,” started Anders. “These are entirely new editions. There may very well be new clues.”

The other Believers looked at him skeptically, their lips squeezed tight around the straws of their sangrias so they wouldn’t speak or laugh. Katie made the first attempt to gently squash his enthusiasm. “Anders, we’ve scoured the whole Harry Potter series to death. Cover to cover, over and over. Why would we find anything new here? It’s not like the words will be different.”

“You’re not thinking big enough!” Anders thumped his fist on the heavy wood table. He took a breath to calm himself before continuing. “If even one tiny word doesn’t match, it could mean something. Or a supposed typo. What about the way the pages are laid out? What about the new cover art?”

“Yeah, that’s kind of weird, don’t you think?” interrupted Sam. “I always loved the Mary GrandPr√© illustrations. Why do they have to change them?”

“Stay focused!”

Anders’ best friend Patrick stood up then and put one hand on his shoulder. “Listen…we’ve been at this for years. We’re all out of college. We all have jobs, and other responsibilities, and—”

“So what?”

“Look, Harry Potter will always mean the world to us. He’ll always be real to us. But have you ever considered that, if the stories are true, maybe we’re just not supposed to know?”

Anders glared at him. “It never used to be ‘if.’” With that, he stormed out of Moody’s.

His passion undeterred, Anders purchased each of the new paperbacks as they were released. He became a veritable scholar of these new editions. He made lists and diagrams; the pages of his books glowed with yellow highlighting. He wrote detailed emails to The Believers about his findings, many of whom deleted his messages without reading them.

Man, I haven't written a Believers story in forever. If you haven't read any of them before, just hit the Believers tag below. There aren't all that many. 

In other news, I chopped off all my hair. Or, rather, a professional did. I'm still getting used to it. I feel a bit like Maria in The Sound of Music. Except I have no handsome Christopher Plummer. I think they should hand those out with the haircut, honestly.  

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