Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Seen on the Purple Line to Linden at about 8:45 a.m.

“Girl, what’s with your hair?”

“I dunno, Nana. It’s red.”

“Yes, I can see that, Zadie-Lou. I have eyes, don’t I?”

“I like it. Rihanna dyed her hair like this.”

“Is that what they teach you in beauty school? To dye your hair like every star that’s popular for five minutes?”

“Rihanna’s pretty popular.”

“I see. You look like Bozo the Clown.”


“No, girl, you listen to me. I may not have gone to beauty school or college or nothing like that. But I don’t need any school to know that red hair doesn’t mean fire-engine-red—”





“Nana! Stop it. Maybe you’re just too old to get it, but this look is sick.”

“I’d say so.”

“No, I meant sick like—”

“Have you ever seen Grease?”


“The movie Grease.”


“Really? It has Olivia Newton-John, and John Travolta when he was a fine young thing.”

“Gee, a movie with a bunch of old white people I’ve never heard of. Sounds great.”

“How do you know they’re white if you’ve never heard of them?”

“Nana, I don’t—”

“It’s a musical! Anyway, it has this song you should listen to called ‘Beauty School Dropout.’”


“You could learn a thing or two from it.”

“Nana, why you gotta be so cruel?”

“I’m only looking out for you, Zadie-Lou. When I’m dead and gone and eating pancakes with the Lord Jesus up in Heaven, you’ll wish you’d listened to your Nana about that hair.”

Fun with dialogue. It's a good day for America! No more DOMA! No more Prop 8! Good riddance. Now if only they hadn't gutted the Voting Rights Act yesterday...


  1. That's some pretty awesome dialog. Nothing quite so great as a quick-witted, snappy grammy.


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