Friday, June 21, 2013


Seen walking to the Fullerton stop at about 8:30 a.m.

Tatyana decided to carry it around as a good luck charm, but she hadn’t anticipated how much trouble it would be. She knew it’d start to stink eventually, but even now keeping it around was a pain. It barely fit in her biggest bag. She had to keep twisting it one way or another so the nose wouldn’t poke out the side. And, worst of all, it was heavy. She pulled out her phone and Googled it: the average human head weighs between eight and twelve pounds. That wouldn’t normally be too bad, but with all the other shit in her purse—wallet, phone, makeup, can of Diet Coke—it was enough to tug her shoulder down pretty hard.

Besides, she thought, he was so stubborn and conceited that it must be a particularly big head. She opened the bag and gazed into the eyes she’d hated so thoroughly, eyes that were slowly becoming pale and filmy. It seemed to Tatyana that he was as much a problem in death as he was in life.

Last night was a lovely gogo graduation. Only three of us showed up, so I got to be Diana Ross, and we got to improv with Disco Ensemble, and also there were cupcakes. A good time was had by all. Speaking of gogo, I'm dancing with The Fortunate Sons on Saturday in Homer Glen if anyone's interested. American English is also playing, so there will be all the fantastic tunes of CCR AND The Beatles.

In other news, Gena's most recent post on All Together Now is up. You should read it. It will make your Friday better. 


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