Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sonny & Marcia

Seen at C2E2 at about 12:30 p.m., April 27th, 2013

Beth told me I shouldn’t take Marcia to see The Avengers. “It’s too violent for a kid her age,” she insisted. Luckily, Beth can’t police what Marcia and I do on our weekends. So I took her to see it anyway, and she loved it, just as I predicted. She’s definitely daddy’s little girl.

Naturally, Beth wasn’t pleased when I announced my plans to bring Marcia to C2E2.

“She’s going to get tired, you know. And there are so many people there. Think of all the diseases!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take her home if she needs a nap, or have her sleep during a panel. And I can bring hand sanitizer, so I think we’ll be ok.”

“She won’t be ok. Sonny, are you trying to make her believe she’s something she’s not?”

“Um, not exactly. We’d dress up, of course—”

“That’s the worst part. Marcia says she wants to be Captain America.”

“What’s wrong with that? Steve Rogers is a good guy. Fighting evil from Nazis to—”

“Captain America is a boy.”

“Well, yes. But loads of people dress up as characters that don’t match their gender, and—”

“Look, Sonny. Maybe all you wanted was a little boy to share your ridiculous comics obsession with. But you have a daughter. If she’s going to dress up as anything at all, it should be a Princess or a—”

“Beth! That’s absurd.”

“I don’t think so. You want her to believe that she can switch her gender at random, and that she’s more powerful than she is. It’s a cruel world—”

“Yes, Beth. It is a cruel world. That’s why I want Marcia to know—not just believe—that she is strong, and that she can be whatever she wants to be, and that she can change the world for the better.”

Needless to say, I took Marcia to the con. At three and one-third feet tall, she was the mightiest Captain America I’ve ever seen. She put all the other superheroes to shame.

She was also the cutest Captain America I've ever seen. One of my favorite things about C2E2 is seeing all the little kids in their costumes. It's pretty adorable. 

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