Monday, April 29, 2013


Seen working a booth at C2E2 on both Friday, April 26th and Saturday, April 27th

I'm really more of a Clark Kent guy, but I feel like there's a little Superman in me somewhere. A little brave, a little strong, a little alien. Mostly I'm quiet, and I do what other people tell me. I won't do it if it's wrong--at least, I think I won't, but I have no proof. There's not usually a chance to test my moral fortitude in daily life. The things people tell me to do generally consist of "write this email" or "go fax this" or "grab me some coffee, would you?" Whatever Superman is in there, it's well-hidden.

Sorry there was no story last Friday--I left early to head to C2E2. So there will be quite a few stories from there this week, I imagine. I wasn't able to go on Sunday, though. I got really sick. Hence, working from home today. I'm not sure this drabble is all that great, but to be fair, it was written quite quickly. Greg was this cute guy I saw. Each day he wore a suit and classes, but his shirt was unbuttoned to reveal a Superman tee beneath. I was working up the nerve to talk to him, but then I got sick on Sunday, and all my plans were foiled. C'est la vie.

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