Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Seen on the Purple Line to Linden at about 8:45 a.m.

My phone just said that Amanda Knox girl is going on trial again. And you know what? I think it’s great. It makes me want to move to Italy. I fucking love Italy right now.

Double jeopardy laws are fucking stupid. Justice isn’t blind like they say. I hate it when you know they’re guilty and the jury lets them off anyway. O.J., Casey Anthony. Other people I won’t mention. It happens way too often.

I mean, juries are kind of a sick idea in the first place. Let’s take a handful of normal people whose only legal experience is watching Law & Order marathons on TNT and have them decide who’s guilty and who’s innocent. No wonder they get it wrong so much.

And then those fucking double jeopardy laws kick in! We know they’re guilty, but some dumbass jury said they’re innocent, so now they’re free to go, never to be tried again. That’s why this Amanda Knox thing is so great. Everybody knows she did it. She’s a cold-blooded, murdering little bitch, and maybe the new jury will get it right this time. They should try her over and over again until she gets what she deserves.

Joel has some opinions (that in no way coincide with mine, FYI). I wanted to write this in such a way that Joel seems like the type of person who a) has been personally affected by double jeopardy laws, like maybe a family member hurt him and got away with it and can't be tried again, AND b) might be somewhat violent himself, and may someday commit a crime. Does that come through? Feedback is appreciated.

Last night Lindsey and I got dinner with one of our former couchsurfers, and it was delightful. It was at a steakhouse downtown, though; I don't think I've ever dropped so much money on a meal for just myself before. I have no regrets, however. It was freaking delicious. 

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