Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Seen on the Red Line to 95th at about 8:30 a.m., February 11th, 2013

I’d like to smack that ugly, apologetic smile right off her face. If I were a violent man. She would almost totter over into me, an over-stuffed backpack like that. Who carries a backpack like that on a rush hour train? You’re only going to work, lady. Not sleep-away camp. Although you look young enough to still go to sleep-away camp. But you’re probably not. You’re probably a recent college graduate who got a nice job at a nice company (one where they have lunchtime yoga lessons and beer on Fridays and personal iPads for each employee) because you had three unpaid internships under your belt and even so they can still pay you less than someone like me. You know what? Fuck you.

It would be gray today. I practically asked for it, volunteering to get up this early. That’s me, the guy with no job, always ready to lend a hand to friends in need. I should just stop doing favors for people, see how they like it. I should focus on me. Focus on my sad, sorry life. Focus on making is less sad and less sorry. If that’s even possible.

I kinda remember being happy. I was young, maybe as young as backpack girl. I had a job, and they all told me it would lead to something bigger and better. I could afford to go out drinking, and I could drink without gaining too much weight. I was pretty in shape back then. I went home with girls I met at bars. They said I was a good kisser. I slept in on Sundays. I had goals and I believed I could achieve them. How long ago was that now? Over ten years. I don’t want to think about it.

I would have thoughts like these. Painful thoughts.

I saw this fellow when I was living the nomad life yesterday. The power in my apartment was shut off on Friday afternoon due to a mix-up, so I've been living with Gena all weekend because she is a saint. Then yesterday I worked using the free wi-fi at three different cafes. I'm not such a fan of the nomad life.

I did lots of other fun things over the weekend, though. I watched Persuasion and ate delicious soup and played with glitter glue and had a tiny dance party with Gena & Jane, I saw Warm Bodies with Gena and Catalina, which was really cute, and Gena and I went to see The Birthday Party at the Steppenwolf because I won free tickets on Twitter. Hope you had an eventful weekend as well. 

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