Friday, February 1, 2013


Seen at The Aviary at about 8:30 p.m., January 31st, 2013

Even in the dark, the delight on their faces is palpable. I hope the dismay on my face isn't. They're filled with wonder. I'm plagued with doubt. I light the fire beneath the bunsen burner just as she lit a fire in my heart. I crack open the hard rock of ice just as she cracked open my heart. She never returned my calls. I can't believe she never returned my calls. Their bill was over two-hundred dollars, and she left an extra tip on top of that. And she left her number. Surely I wasn't misreading any signals there. But why would she want to lead me on? What rare ingredient in these cocktails made her so cruel? Perhaps it was simply the lavishness of the whole experience. Out with her female friends, dressed to the nines, expensive drink in hand--that sort of woman could do anything she wanted, and nobody would stop her. Now she has moved on, and I'm left to serve dazzling drinks to others, knowing that nothing and no one will ever be as dazzling as her.

Yeah, so I went to The Aviary last night with a bunch of friends. It's this ridiculously fancy cocktail restaurant where they make their drinks using strange, molecular techniques. My drink was served to me in a sealed plastic bag full of lavender air. Not even joking. It was bizarre, but really fun. 

And thus birthday week begins! (My 25th birthday is tomorrow and Meg's is Monday.) Leta is here, all is well with the world. I imagine I'm going to be quite sleepy by the time this weekend is through. I hope you have a fun one, too!

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