Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Seen on the Purple Line to Linden at about 8:45 a.m.

I hate to be draped beneath this filthy blanket, but it is better for them to think I am homeless than to know the truth. I have dealt with their scorn for over 250 years; a little more will not hurt me now. Besides, the homeless truly deserve more credit than they receive. They often give me desperately needed nourishment when business is slow, in exchange for just a few dollars. One of them enjoyed himself so much that he gave me this blanket, one of his few earthly possessions, to express his gratitude. I was so moved that I drained him dry, to relieve him of his misery.

The fact is that sometimes I must travel during the day, despite the peril. It was my own idea to turn my prey into willing clients, and those clients simply are not nocturnal. That, or they do not wish their spouses and children to discover their morbid desires. They want me to slip into their homes, quietly. They want my arms to crush them, they want my fangs in their neck, they want to grow delirious with blood loss. It is a dangerous high, but they will pay good money for it.

They pay enough money for me to risk the sunlight, even morning sunlight, which is the worst kind. It has scorched me before. It is so yellow and so hideously pure, and it hurts like nothing else I have ever experienced. It is the antithesis of my dark soul.

I am so excited! The love my life and my personal god, David Bowie, is PUTTING OUT A NEW ALBUM after a 10-year hiatus! I thought he was never coming back. I thought he had abandoned us. It just goes to show that I should never lose faith. Now I am just hoping that there will be a tour. I never thought I'd be able to see Bowie live. If I could, I would probably freak out. In the best possible way. 

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