Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Seen at the Metro at about 9:30 p.m. on Friday, January 11th, 2013

When your favorite performer no longer performs, you take what you can get. I was able to get tickets to a Bowie tribute show at the Metro. My wife scrutinized me with wrinkled eyes when I came downstairs in my worn Aladdin Sane t-shirt. I sent away for it in the mail when I was in the ninth grade.

“You look ridiculous,” my wife said. “I can’t believe that thing hasn’t torn apart yet.” I put on my jacket and grabbed my keys. “You’re going to be the only one your age there, you know. One old guy in a sea of young people. They’ll positively loathe you.”

She was wrong, though. There were lots of guys like me. Balding, heavier than we wanted to be. We crowded around the stage, anxious to hear the music of our formative years, when we didn’t have wives that despised us. The band was very talented; I closed my eyes and dreamed of a thin, angular, sparkling face, more beautiful than any woman’s. A 14-year-old me still lurked somewhere in the chambers of my heart, and that boy fell in love all over again. 

Sorry I didn't write one yesterday. I worked from home, so I wasn't on public transit at all. I would have written about someone on the train today, but I caught a train that had sort of strange timing. So there was pretty much nobody on it. I decided to go with someone that I saw at the concert instead. It was a really fun concert. Chris Connelly does a fantastic Bowie vocal impression. Here's a video I took of the band singing "Sound and Vision." And here's one of Shirley Manson from Garbage singing "Boys Keep Swinging." 

Today is my one-year Friendiversary with the lovely Gena. Drinks at Violet Hour later to celebrate... 

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