Monday, December 10, 2012


Seen on the Red Line to 95th at about 8 a.m.

Have you ever played the threatening game? I play it during my commute to pass the time. Whenever the train stops at a station, you pick out a person on the platform and glare at them. Glare at them with hate. Glare at them like you’re a soulless creature devoid of pity. Make cold eye contact. Watch their reactions.

The best part is when the train gets delayed—you can glare at people for so much longer. You can watch for whole minutes, see their muscles tense up, see their initial shock, see them turn away, arms crossed. Sometimes they hold your gaze for longer. I think those people are truly soulless. They so effortlessly match hate for hate.

Sorry that I didn't write on Friday. My cold had turned into a very bad hacking cough, so I didn't go into the office. My cold/cough is much better now, but I'm feeling really weird today. I don't know if I just woke up on the wrong side of bed or what, but I can barely keep my eyes open. Maybe I'll leave a little early and try to nap or something.

Yesterday I went to the Pop Up Book Fair at Empty Bottle, organized by Curbside Splendor. It was really fun. Networked a little, bought some cool books from local publishers. I wish there were similar events more often. 

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