Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Seen getting on the Red Line to Howard at about 7:30 a.m.

Take one look at Jimmy and you’ll think: “now there’s a man who’s really weighed down by life.” You’ll think that because he’s literally weighed down by a dirty red duffel bag. He’s hunched over with the bag slung across one shoulder. Jimmy was never big on material possessions anyway, so when he lost his job and his apartment, he only kept what he could fit in the bag. One of its zippers is broken; he hopes that nobody will steal what little he has left.

At the very bottom of the bag is a stack of resumes that he typed up and printed at the library. Each day he wanders the city streets looking for “help wanted” signs. Jimmy is certainly not picky. At this point he applies for every position he sees. But it seems the longer he’s out on the streets, the more reluctant people are to give him a chance. Especially in retail. He hands his application to the clerk behind the counter, he explains his story. The clerk merely stares at him with a face twisted by pity and apprehension.

Jimmy grows more dejected each day. It’s getting colder, getting harder to find a place to sleep. If this goes on too much longer, he’ll probably end it. He’s considered throwing himself on to the tracks, but he doesn’t want to inconvenience people. He can’t think of how he’d get his hands on a gun, or sleeping pills. He thinks perhaps his best option is to make his way to the top of a tall building. He’d throw his duffel bag off the roof first.

Tonight I'm going to see an early screening of Anna Karenina with Jane! Classic literature ftw. Also, living in a city is the best thing. Always something fun to do.


  1. I love how it got super morbid at the end. Still a sad story, though.

  2. Yeah. A lot of times it's just easier to write sad or angry or creepy stories. It's a lot harder to write happy ones, in my opinion.


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