Friday, November 16, 2012


Seen waiting for the Brown Line to Kimball at about 8:20 a.m.

Billy tied the plastic grocery bag around his bald head to stop his brains from leaking out his ears. Brains had a tendency to do that. He’d read it somewhere, or heard it in a dream.

Billy wanted to keep whatever brains he had left. After all, you couldn’t die if you still had brains floating around in your skull. That was just common knowledge. Or maybe it wasn’t, but Sleepy Juan down on Jackson and Wacker had told him so, and Sleepy Juan was usually right.

Billy didn’t want to die, even though he was old, and his aches and pains got worse every winter. He didn’t want to die because God told him that he’d become an angel, and Billy was afraid that wings would sprout from beneath his shoulder blades. It would hurt, he thought. Also, once a scientist (or his mother?) told him that nothing happens to you after you die. It just all goes dark. Billy didn’t want that either because bad things always happen in the dark. Nobody had to tell him that.

Who doesn't love a crazy person on the L? Happens all the time.

Tonight Gena and I are going to see Improvised Shakespeare once again. We haven't been in a few months. They probably miss us.

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