Friday, October 26, 2012


Seen waiting for the Red Line to 95th at about 8:30 a.m. 

I lost my feet because of a train. Not this train, obviously. It happened when I was fourteen. A freight line ran right through the backyard of Sammy Brown’s house. Did you ever play that game where you put a penny on the rails and wait for a train to flatten it? Me and Sammy did that all the time. Not much else for us to do. We both had mean, worthless daddies, so we stayed outside as much as we could.

Anyway, one day I was down on the tracks, laying down my pennies—and a quarter, I remember. I wanted to see if it worked the same on a quarter. Sammy thought I was crazy, seeing as a quarter could buy a lot in those days. I could see the train in the distance as I placed the coins on the rail, so I knew I had to hurry. But when I got up and tried to run back up the hill, I fell flat on my face. Both my shoelaces were caught in the wooden ties. Both of them. Would you believe it? I scrambled to pull myself free. Sammy grabbed my arms and tugged with all his might. (Which wasn’t much. He was always a small kid.) It was too late, though. Somehow I knew it’d be too late. Even when I was struggling to get away, I knew I wouldn’t. The train ran over my legs, right above the ankle. I couldn’t even feel it at first.

But I can feel it now. Every time I hear the rumble of a train or see those merciless lights in the distance, the ghosts of my feet tingle and twitch. It hurts every time, like they’re getting cut off again. I think my bones are haunted. 

Sorry for the lack of story yesterday. I was taking the GRE--I'm so happy it's over! I think I did well enough, especially considering I had a bad headache. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks.

You know what I'm excited about? HALLOWEEKEND! Tonight: costumed swing dancing party. Tomorrow: Another 90's Party at Beauty Bar--Scream Edition. Sunday: Bittersweet Drive at the Tonic Room. If you're not doing anything Sunday night, the Tonic Room is the place to be. So many folk artists, so much joy! Whatever you end up doing this weekend, I hope it's a spooky one. 


  1. Very compelling story, made me immediately interested and I liked the voice. I would like to know this character more and more about life before and since.


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