Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mike & Sybil

Seen at the Fullerton Station waiting for the Purple Line to Linden at about 8:30 a.m. 

Sybil was in the business of saving lives. Dressed in her faded scrubs, messy bun atop her head, little dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep—this is how Mike loved her best. But he didn’t want her to save his life. Mike wanted Sybil’s mouth all over his body like a cancer, her lips morphing slowly into different soft shapes. He wanted to overdose on her smell and drown in her sweat. He wanted to die of her. 

Another short one. For some reason last night the image of kisses being like a cancer jumped into my brain, so I texted it to myself. This happens sometimes.

Writing group was very productive last night. Also hilarious--we had a discussion about whether or not certain literary devices are "douchey." We're classy people.

Tonight I'm going to see Tympanic Theatre's production of "Ruby Wilder" with Felipe. My friend Maxwell is doing sound for the play. I'm looking forward to it!


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