Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Seen on the Purple Line to Linden at about 8:30 a.m. 

Just play it cool, just play it cool. You’re reading through your sunglasses so nobody can see that you’re not reading, that your eyes aren’t even on the page, that your eyes are on her, all the way across the car. Stroke your beard, your new beard, that’ll make you look thoughtful, that’ll make you a new man, a man she doesn’t recognize, a man she doesn’t fear. Because all you want is love, all you need is love, her love, specifically, and why shouldn’t you have it? Your devotion knows no bounds, your gaze envelops her in the train on her way to work, and at Panera when she gets lunch, and at the gym when she runs on the treadmill, and through her bedroom window. You’re just keeping her safe, keeping her safe from others, keeping her safe for yourself, because you love her. And one day your love will conquer her tears and her screaming and her restraining orders because love conquers all. 

Ironically, we just had a huge argument at the office about expectation of privacy and whether or not the work of this stalker-esque artist is illegal. I guess it's good when you day has a theme? Maybe? Even a creepy theme?

I was so productive yesterday! Went to work, applied for the GRE, came home, cleaned the apartment, exercised, and edited stories. Awesome.


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