Friday, October 5, 2012

Girl with the Leopard-Print Pants

Seen waiting for the Red Line to Howard at about 8 p.m., October 4th, 2012

Where are you running, girl with the leopard-print pants? You may be standing there, chatting on your cell phone, but I know you're running. You're waiting for that train to take you far away from here.

Did you skin the soul off that cat so you could run faster? Run farther? Did you borrow its black eyes so you could see distant places with greater clarity? Did it ever occur to you that you're not a cat? You're a girl. I can tell by your Chuck Taylors. Maybe you should stay and deal with your problems the human way.

Or maybe I should say the brave way--many humans would run, too. But not as fast as you. 

Posting this at Gena's apartment after having consumed some delightfully boozy tea on this gloomy day. Hope you find a way to fight off the clouds, too.

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