Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Seen during Iggy & the Stooges' set at Riot Fest, September 16th, 2012

Daddy put me on his shoulders and I saw more people than I ever saw before! One time me and Grandpa G. went for a walk, and we went in a cornfield, and I think all the people I saw on Daddy's shoulders were like a cornfield. But with people. Anyway, all the people were screaming and whistling, so I tried to whistle but I still can't do it. Mom says I just have to practice, and I put my lips in an "O" just like she said, but it never works. I hate it.

And then this silly man came on stage. He had long hair like a girl and he kept flopping around like he had no bones or something. He was really floppy. And he was yelling too. He said this word a lot that I can't remember. I tried practicing it in bed when I got home but the only part I could think of was fuuuu--. Fud? Fup? I dunno. Sometimes there are words that I don't know, but Mom says there are some words I'm not supposed to know yet so maybe that word is one of them.

Then the silly man fell down on the stage and I thought he was maybe hurt, but then he just pretended to be a dog. So I tapped Daddy's head a lot and said, "Daddy! Does that man think he's a dog?!" and Daddy said no and then I asked if we could get a dog and Daddy said no. When the silly man was done jumping around all the people gave me high fives and it was really awesome! Daddy said if I was good we could go back next year. I think I was good. I hope the silly man is there again.

This kid's dad must have been THE COOLEST DAD, taking his little daughter to see Iggy Pop. My dad took me to see Neil Diamond when I was eight. Not quite the same thing (understatement of the year), but still fun for a kid. I think there will be another story from Riot Fest tomorrow...

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