Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Friendly Stranger

Seen during Franz Ferdinand's set at Lollapalooza 2012. 

What if your love for a band manifested itself in a man? An avatar of your passion. He would listen patiently as you babble about your obsession: “I first heard them when…”; “The last time they came to Chicago was….” He would find your inane stories charming. Would he be attractive? No. It’s too obvious—and besides, good looks might distract you from the band itself. Would he be strong? Yes. He would become your protector, your advocate. He would move people out of the way so you could get to the front of the crowd. So you could get close enough to see every flick of a tongue, every drop of sweat, every spontaneous smile. That is what this friendly stranger would do. 

I guess this is more like creative non-fiction. I am mildly obsessed with Franz Ferdinand, and while I was waiting for their set to begin I did indeed meet a delightful Scottish man who helped me get right up to the front. I am very grateful to him, so he gets a story. Here's a video of Franz singing "Ulysses" during their actual Lolla set. I really like that Lolla did a webcast of the shows this year! Such a great idea. 

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