Thursday, August 9, 2012


Seen during Gaslight Anthem's set at Lollapalooza 2012. 

Ha! The stares I’m getting are ridiculous. Pregnant lady with a Bud Light. I look like a horrible human being. If they’d just reserve their judgment for just one fucking second and ask me, I’d tell them the truth. I needed water, but I didn’t wanna pay $3 for a bottle—it’s crazy to me that these idiots will pay that much—so my boyfriend chugged a beer and I refilled the can at the water fountain. Everyone’s waiting forever in those CamelBak filling station lines, but nobody even notices the water fountains. It’s hysterical. But anyway, I don’t even care. They can stare all they want. I’m gonna stay hydrated, especially for the sake of the little parasite inside me. The one they think I’m harming. It’s just too funny. Let me tell you, though, I can taste the few drops of beer in the bottom of the can, and it’s delicious! Even if it is something as shitty as Bud Light. I can’t wait for this brat to get out of me. Then nobody will stare, or judge, or whatever. And I can drink. 

I really hope she wasn't pregnant and drinking a beer. I'm hoping she was just wearing a way-too-clingy dress. It was hard to tell, though. 

Also, this is my 100th post of 2012! And it's only August! Milestones are fun.  

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