Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Seen on the Purple Line to Linden at about 7:40 a.m. 

“Why’s the train so crowded?” Abe asks the girl with the long blonde hair. She hasn’t put her headphones in yet, so he doesn’t feel too rude.

“The 7:30 train didn’t show up. So this is like two trains.”

“Oh, I was a little worried I woke up late and didn’t notice or something.”

She smiles. “Well, hopefully it’ll run express to Davis.”


Quite frankly, Abe doesn’t care if it runs express to Davis. And he’s well aware he didn’t wake up late. The thing is, he’s worried about his friend Emmi. She texted him from the 7:30 train. Their conversation is still on his phone.

Emmi: I’m on the train. Where you at?

Abe: Running late. See u at work

Emmi: k

He hadn’t heard anything else. If the 7:30 train never came, what train is Emmi on? Where is she going? Not to the office, certainly. What if there was a gruesome accident? He checks twitter. Nothing. What if the train rumbled right through some invisible barrier into another dimension? Abe hopes that she ends up in a happy place, where her pretty smile will come out a lot. He texts her one last time, but his rolling stomach tells him he won’t hear back. 

Ok, I can't write long. Busy day. Busy busy day. So much stuff. So little time. DWChitown tonight, though, so that's awesome. Looking forward to it. Until tomorrow!

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  1. She's disappeared into the Chicago Below.


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