Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Seen on the Union Pacific North Metra Line heading into Chicago at about 8:00 a.m. 

I get the sense that the young lady behind me in the ticket line was irritated at me for counting out the correct change. Now she’s sitting a few seats back from me. I can feel her petulant gaze rubbing against my neck. Oh well. I’m 70 years old, so I’ve earned the right to move as slowly as I please. And young people like her are always going to be impatient, anyway. She’s at an impatient age. I was that way, once.

If I could, I’d tell her a few things: first, I’d tell her to sit up straight; second, I’d tell her that life will figure itself out, and she shouldn’t be so desperate to push it in one direction or another; third, I’d tell her never to compromise her dreams for a man—women of my generation learned that the hard way.

However, I expect advice from an old, outdated, slow-moving stranger like me would be unwelcome. I’ll just finish this crossword puzzle. Maybe take a nap. I still have many stops to go. 

Oh man. What a lovely weekend it was. So many mojitos. So much Andrew Bird. So much happiness.

I bought tickets to Riot Fest today! I just couldn't resist--the lineup was too good. And a 3-day pass that gets you into all the shows AND all the after-parties for $90? What a deal. Between that and Lollapalooza, you're going to get quite a few music-festival-related stories. 

I have a new blog recommendation for you! My friends Lindsey & Catalina have started a blog called Cheap Dish Pizza. Read it and you can learn the secrets of how to have a great time in Chicago on a budget. Also, if you check out the Memorial Day Weekend events post, you will see some super sexy pictures of yours truly. 

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