Monday, May 7, 2012


Seen at the Fullerton Station scurrying from the Red Line to the Brown Line at about 8:30 a.m. 

I am afraid it is difficult to be an archetype these days. It makes men too uncomfortable to drink with you, women too uncomfortable to sleep with you. It makes you odd, too precise, like something that peeled itself off the pages of an old picture book. This is, of course, a reasonable argument. We archetypes did inspire those pictures, and the characters in films.

I thought that if I left Germany, abandoned my home in The Alps, I could start a new life. I traded in my lederhosen for a green rain jacket and gray slacks. I plucked the feather from my hat and replaced the band with something more modern. I kept my soft leather boots—they’re so comfortable. But none of this helped me. It must be written in my face, carved into my eyes. I may be living in Chicago, but the people here cannot imagine me on anything besides a snow-covered mountaintop, beer stein in my hand. I am trapped there. 

I was scrolling through twitter, and a thought occurred to me. I saw a post for The Chicago Reader's Best of Chicago 2012 contest, and I realized that they have a local blog category.... I don't suppose you would want to vote for Pretending to Know You, would you? The ballot is here. (The local blog category is in the "Civic Life" section.) You have until May 24th to vote. The best part is that you can ALSO vote for so many other wonderful things in Chicago, from your favorite bands to your favorite bars to your favorite place to get a manicure, etc. It's an easy way to support the places/people/things you love! You know you want to do it...

Yesterday my sister graduated from Columbia College. It was the craziest graduation ceremony I've ever attended. It was in the Chicago Theater. They processed in to Aerosmith's "Walk this Way." Mavis Staples was there receiving an honorary doctorate. I have to say, I have graduation envy. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm so proud of you, Molly! Everyone go check out her awesome music RIGHT NOW.

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