Friday, May 4, 2012


Seen on the Brown Line to the Loop at about 10:05 p.m., May 3rd, 2012 

Denise doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve; she wears it on her hip. It’s black and leathery, and it sits right below her belt made of bullets. That’s one way she does it, one way she’ll break your heart. She might take your bloody and beating heart, stuff it inside her own, and use her bullets to hold it ransom. That’s if you’re lucky. She could shoot right through it, or crush it beneath her heavy boots. Then she’ll drink the blood, but it doesn’t stay inside her veins—you can tell because her skin is paper pale. Instead it grows out in her hair, pink and appealing. 

So this is what goes through my brain when I see someone with a heart-shaped purse. Perfectly normal.

Weekend! My little sister is graduating from college on Sunday, which makes me feel very old. What else am I going to do over the next few days? Well, everything in the store is 50% off tonight at Clothes Optional Vintage, so I'll probably hit that up. There are rumors of dinner at Moody's. Soul DJs are spinning at Late Bar tonight, so there could be some dancing involved. Tomorrow is Savoy Stomp at Lucky Number Grill, so there will definitely be some swing dancing involved. All in all it sounds like another busy weekend for me. Hope you have a fun one, too! 

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