Thursday, May 24, 2012


Seen transferring from a Brown Line train to a Red Line train to Howard at about 8:35 a.m. 

Aisha comes for the little ones when their time is up too soon. Children fear the tall, black-robed man; but when Aisha extends her hand they grasp it eagerly, happy to have found a new friend. Mothers are reluctant to hand their babies over to a dark angel with hollow eyes, but they cannot resist the sweet smile of a young girl.

Aisha is too young to perform her task unaccompanied. She travels with Mortimer, a wizened old man, and her quiet little sister Eternity. When Aisha embraces the children destined for death, she puts her lips to their ears and whispers:

“Do you see this man? You will never have to become like him. Do you see this girl? Her serenity is yours now.”

They appear to be a normal family. Nobody takes particular notice of them as they journey to hospitals, playgrounds, schools, beaches, cribsides. The faded skulls on Aisha’s backpack are the only indication of her true purpose. 

I mainly wrote this story because of the skulls on her backpack. They weren't like cutesy, punk rock skull-and-crossbones. They were really creepy and faded, almost like they were looking at you from underwater. It was weird. 

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