Monday, April 30, 2012


Seen on the Purple Line to Linden at about 8:45 a.m. 

Yes, thinks Larissa, this cello case was a good investment. It certainly makes it a great deal easier for her to carry the weapons around.

By day Larissa is an engineering student at Northwestern University. By night she is Technique, weapons specialist for CAPES. Every flat surface in her apartment is buried beneath nuts and bolts, wire, bullets, flamethrowers, gunpowder, knives, nails—anything she can piece together into a new tool for the crime-fighting society. Each evening she tiptoes between dangerous triggers, levers, and buttons to reach her bed.

CAPES discovered Larissa when she participated in an amateur robot-building competition. Johnny Current was in the audience, and he approached her after two lasers emerged from her robot’s eyes and singed one judge’s bowtie. Soon she was christened Technique, and she started inventing the wildest weapons she could imagine.

Larissa is fairly certain that the weapon she currently carries is her masterpiece. It was actually inspired by the cello case she bought to lug around the bigger pieces. One villain wreaking havoc in Chicago, Madame Chaos, is an avid collector of rare and unusual instruments; Larissa thought it would be easier to stop her if she purchased her own death. After browsing through a few antique stores, pawn shops, and flea markets, Larissa finally found an old cello that would do. She carefully picked apart sections of the wood and inserted some of her own delicate metal inventions. She ran nano-fibers through the threadbare strings. Now, in this cello case, she carries an instrument that will explode when played—rare and unusual indeed. All CAPES has to do is convince Madame Chaos to buy it, and justice will finally be served. 

The triumphant return of CAPES! Leta made a new logo for it: 

I actually think I maybe like the old logo that she made better. Huh. They're both awesome though. I mean, it's freaking fantastic that anyone made a logo for my fake superhero league at all. 

Life is exciting right now! My roommates and I are hosting two French couchsurfers. They are delightful human beings. Yesterday they were discussing how they wanted to go to a drive-in movie theater because there is no such thing in France, so we made it happen! We jumped in the car and drove all the way to Kenosha, Wisconsin to see Cabin in the Woods. It was a pretty good movie, I have to say. Tonight they are cooking for us, and then we're probably going to Delilah's. Sleep is for the weak.

In other news, my friend Valya Lupescu is a wonderful writer, and in honor of May Day, her novel The Silence of Trees is FREE on Kindle until May 3rd! Who doesn't love free books? Read it! 

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