Thursday, April 26, 2012


Seen wandering around the platform of the Fullerton Station at about 8:20 a.m. 

“You’re nothing but a right angle, kid.”

That’s what Ferris’ mom always tells him when he takes pictures. And with his long, skinny body perpendicular to his long, skinny camera lens, this observation is most certainly true. Moreover, Ferris likes to photograph long, skinny things. Luckily, Chicago is the right city for it—skyscrapers, railroad tracks, streets almost always situated in an even grid.

Today Ferris was going to take pictures of the L, but when he reaches the platform, he finds he can’t do it. They’re not quite straight enough; the corners of the windows are rounded, and some of the cars are lined with bumpy ridges. They remind him of his ex-girlfriend. She was long for a girl, and definitely skinny—Ferris’ taste in women mirrors his taste in photographic subjects. But when he put his hand up her shirt, the little lumps he found there ruined her cardboard perfection.

Ferris decides to photograph the support beams of the station instead. They are long, skinny, hard, immaculate. 

Hey Chicago. My sister, Molly Robison, is a folk musician, and tonight she is playing a show at Elbo Room! The cover is a mere $5. You should go. It would be an excellent decision on your part, I promise.

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