Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Seen on an Eastbound Fullerton Bus at about 3:50 p.m., March 13th, 2012 

Ross is a “work hard, play hard” kind of guy. The focus and dedication of his “work” side grows in the alert hairs of his well-trimmed beard. His “play” side resides in his casual striped newsboy cap, which may be slightly too juvenile for a man his age. Not that he’s old. It’s just that he’s in a precarious position.

Ross used to be a cheap-beer-guzzling party guy with no dreams for the future. When he hit thirty, however, he decided to become a craft beer enthusiast and get some dreams. Now he owns a small company that designs smartphone apps. In order to stay ahead of the curve on new technology, he hires only young people, straight out of college. And Ross knows what young people straight out of college like to do. 

Ross’ office kegger parties are legendary. They play flip cup on the edges of their desks and beer pong on the conference table. Ally the secretary usually ends up puking in the trash can. The owner of the office building doesn’t like it, of course, but Ross always stays late afterwards to clean everything up, and he tacks a little extra money onto every rent check. His mother thinks he’s too close to his employees, but Ross thinks otherwise. He needs their fresh, idealistic, innovative minds to keep his business going. He needs them to think that he’s an inspired and friendly leader. He needs his employees to love him, and they do. 

Sorry I didn't write a post yesterday. I was working from home, and then I had a crazy night full of sushi and befriending a somewhat drunk British man. Long story. Anyway, I'm going to LOS ANGELES tomorrow! Woohoo! I'll be there until Tuesday, so there might not be any stories while I'm there. I'm hoping that I'll be able to write a few tales from L.A., but we'll see. 

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