Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Seen exiting the Purple Line at Fullerton at about 8:30 a.m. 

Oh. God.

That was Rachel’s initial thought when she opened her front door this morning and discovered the single red rose resting on the top step. She picked it up and examined the inscription on the ornate pink tag: “From Your Secret Admirer.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t a secret. It was Bobby.

Sweet Bobby, boring Bobby. Bobby who works in the cubicle next to Rachel’s, who always goes out of his way to talk to her and compliment her. There is nothing wrong with him, per se; there just isn’t anything right with him, either. His face isn’t ugly, but it is certainly forgettable. He pulls his pants up slightly too high. He constantly sends her links to viral videos that reached the height of their popularity years ago. (Remember THIS ONE?! :-P) He speaks fluent Elvish.

Rachel always tries to convey her lack of interest, but apparently she hasn’t tried hard enough. As the train takes her closer and closer to the office, she stares at the rose and contemplates how to go about her unenviable task: breaking Bobby’s heart on Valentine’s Day.   

It has been a lovely day. My mom sent homemade chocolate chip cookies, and, oh yeah, PRETENDING TO KNOW YOU WAS IN THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE TODAY! How exciting is that? Answer: super exciting. It's in an article about missed-connections-related art, featuring other such fabulous projects as Lovelorn Poets and Sophie Blackell's drawings. Check it out!

In other news, several new things have been added to the Links page. Storyboss writes twitter-length flash fiction. In So Hungry I Could Blog, one of my coworkers and her friend share delicious recipes. Jon Bruno is a fabulous photographer who took these pin-up photos of me on my birthday. In The Book n' Beer Place, my friend Annah eloquently writes about two life essentials: literature and beer. And finally, there's Newsical--my new project in which I try to provide a soundtrack to today's headlines. Have fun looking at those, too!  

And yeah, that was a link to Salad Fingers.  

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