Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Seen on the Red Line to the Loop at about 5:30 p.m., December 12th, 2011

Aaron mostly looked like any other commuter, wrapped in layers to keep out the cold, carrying a black backpack. But his eyes were astonishing, extraordinary, brilliant. His irises were light brown, almost amber, and so bright that they could either smother you with comforting warmth, or pierce you with sharp cruelty; it all depended on Aaron’s mood. Though he was a young man, his eyes were old. They had filtered images of so many people, places, and experiences that his pupils conveyed immeasurable depth. It seemed that if you put your face close to his, nose to nose, and locked your commonplace eyes into his, so wondrous, you could see the universe and all its constellations shimmering away. They were the kind of eyes you’d like to get lost in, fall into, be enslaved by, forever. 

I saw Aaron on my way to see a production of Oedipus the King for which my sister wrote the music! It was awesome. Let's see. What else is new? Drivel & Wit Chicago is meeting tonight. Always a good thing. Also, I am writing a novel that Leta and I brainstormed a while back, and it is scary. But I have to believe I can do it. If people like Stephen King can pump out two books a year, I can certainly write one in an undetermined amount of time. We shall see...

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