Friday, November 18, 2011

Albert & Rhonda

Seen on the Purple Line to Linden at about 8:30 a.m.

Silently, Albert and Rhonda trade sections of the newspaper.  Aside from this small interaction, Albert keeps his eyes and his big nose pointed at whatever he is currently reading (at this particular moment, the comics). Similarly, Rhonda’s heavy-lidded eyes never leave her reading material (at this particular moment, the editorials). Their wrinkled mouths do not speak.

After 47 years together, they have learned that this is the key to a successful marriage: periods of silence. When they converse, a few problems occur. Often they can easily predict what the other will say, so there is no point in talking. We think our minds are constantly bubbling over with new ideas, but after 47 years, there’s very little you haven’t said. Other times they’ll argue; Albert has strong opinions regarding just about everything, and Rhonda can never resist the urge to relentlessly challenge his beliefs. When they were first married, these arguments were like a passionate game, but now arguing simply makes them grumpy. Neither of these outcomes leads to wedded bliss.

Thus, they feel that time spent in silence is time well-spent. Huddled together in the train seat, reading the newspaper, they are happy. 

Hello everyone. Was too busy with work and go-go rehearsal yesterday to post. Sorry about that. I am excited that it's Friday. My office is having a happy hour at Moody's! Oh yes, it's sangria time...

In other news, I think I might attend the Chicago Book Expo this weekend, probably on Sunday. That way I can promote PTKY, and Drivel & Wit Chicago. They're also having a flash fiction workshop, which I would very much like to attend. Good times! 

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