Thursday, October 6, 2011


Seen on the Belmont Bus at about 7:30 p.m., October 5th, 2011

"Excuse me. I'm just trying to get back there."

Malikah squeezes her way past the standing passengers to get to the very last row of seats. One seat is open, but a man has set his gym bag there. She shoves it aside and gratefully plops herself down.

Malikah loves riding in the back of the bus. There is nothing she likes more after a long day at work than feeling her thighs jiggle up and down as the bus bump bump bumps over the old Chicago streets. Road construction and the beginnings and ends of bridges are a special pleasure. She smiles when people's books are jolted from their hands, when their purses fall over, when they lose their footing and stumble across the aisle. From her vantage point she keenly observes the other passengers, eavesdropping on their phone conversations. With a big window behind her, giving everyone a clear view of where she's been, and this microcosm of society in front of her, Malikah feels thrilled, like she's really going somewhere.

Oh, the bus. It's good to write about the bus sometimes instead of the L. I feel like there's definitely a different dynamic between the passengers.  Good news! My friend Leta is coming to visit from Colorado this weekend! I cannot wait until she arrives. We shall paint the town red. Or something like that.

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