Monday, October 3, 2011


Seen on the Purple Line to the Loop at about 5:30 p.m.

It looks so impersonal on paper. Phrases like "each party is required to prepare a financial declaration" and "if the divorce is contested there is no settlement agreement phase" do no justice to the hard diamond of feelings set between her ribs. The acrid resentment towards Harry, the eagerness to start anew, the anxiety of being alone, the heavy disappointment in herself--none of this is present in her notes. On the way back from her lawyer's office, Grace shuffles through the looseleaf paper, wondering about the damage and the freedom to come.

So I wrote this story about the woman sitting next to me, who was probably just a law student, and I definitely read over her shoulder and copied her notes to get those phrases. I hope she didn't notice. If "Grace" ever reads this, sorry I was such a creeper! Also, what do you think about the diamond metaphor? I don't really like diamonds (they seem cold and heartless), and they are multifaceted, so I thought it was at least sort of an apt metaphor. 

In other news, I didn't post this on here, but I was published on Paragraph Planet the other day! You can't link directly to any of the pages on their site, unfortunately, but here's a screenshot:

You can also go to their archive and look up the entry for September 24th, which is mine. You should also look up the entry for September 23rd, for they published a lovely paragraph by my friend Leta that day! It's good stuff. I think I might make a "publications" page for the blog. Right now just the Paragraph Planet entry will be on it, but I have submitted some other stories and am waiting to hear back, so hopefully it will eventually maybe fill up! We shall see...

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  1. WOO! New post! Also, that paragraph planet paragraph is a sexy paragraph indeed. In terms of skill and acumen with language ... I mean, the content isn't very sexy ...


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