Thursday, August 11, 2011

Horace and Geoff

Seen on the Purple Line to the Loop at about 5:30 p.m.

They looked perfectly ordinary as they waited for the train. Geoff held a mathematics worksheet up to his skinny, red-cheeked face and pretended to read. Horace, who was turned away from Geoff, rested his arms on the top of his bulging belly as he texted a pretty girl from work who was sure she was out of his league. If she had known exactly what league Horace was a part of, she might have felt differently. Horace and Geoff, dressed in their formal office attire, were not actually strangers who just happened to be commuting home on the same train. In reality, they were taking their latest assignment from CAPES very seriously. They needed to capture the insidious Solaris.

Chicago had been suffering from an excruciating heatwave; however, its beleaguered citizens did not know that the heatwave was caused by Solaris' ability to absorb and magnify the heat provided by the sun. The effects of his evil powers were obvious. Many people without air conditioning had already died. Geoff and Horace had been traveling around the city for days trying to find him. While staring at the math equations, Geoff, otherwise known as The Great Seer, was using his dual x-ray and thermal vision to find the blistering radiation that Solaris was hiding inside his body. Horace, The Human Drawer, had shifted his bones and organs into a compartment which held the only thing that could stop the villain: a special variety of Martian ice that The Mighty Rocket had excavated from deep beneath the planet's dusty surface.

The weather had been slightly less oppressive the past two days, and many of their CAPES colleagues were worried that Solaris had skipped town. But Horace and Geoff knew very well it could be a trick, so they continued to pursue him. They would not rest until justice had been served.

Oh my goodness I am so tired. So so tired. Got up at 5:45 this morning so my dad could drive me back to the city since he had to come downtown as well. All I want to do is sleep. But you gotta love CAPES, let's be honest. Always fun to write about them, no matter how sleepy you are. And soon my dear friend Felipe will be coming over for dinner! Huzzah! Hope you all have a lovely evening.

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  1. CAPES! My absolute favorites :) Along with dinosaurs and shadow monarchies, of course.


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