Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Seen on the Purple Line to Linden at about 8:15 a.m.

Sam, for a long time, was not a hit with the ladies. He was just a straight-laced, mildly dorky law student. But everything changed one fateful, snowy day.

It was last February, and Sam was biking around, despite the knee-deep remains of the recent snowpocalypse. On his way through Logan Square, he noticed a small, shabby thrift store that he had never seen before. For some reason the vintage clothes in the window gave him a funny feeling in his stomach, like he had just come home after a long time away. He locked up his bike and went inside to investigate.

A tiny, grey-haired woman was reading a magazine at the counter. When Sam walked in, she took one look at him and said, "You're the 1970's."

"Excuse me?" Sam was bewildered. The woman smiled.

"You may be living now, but your soul is from the 1970's." She shuffled around the store, grabbing various wide-collared shirts and flared slacks off the racks. "Just try these on," she ordered, "they'll suit you."

And they did suit him. Perfectly, actually. From that moment, Sam fully embraced his 1970's identity. He grew his curly brown hair out into a Roger-Daltrey-in-Tommy-esque bob. He wore tweed jackets with brightly striped, polyester shirts underneath. He took the flared pants down a notch, but they were all still slightly flared. He joined a Three Dog Night tribute band. Girls threw themselves at him like crazy. Sam had never been happier, and it was all because he daily paid tribute to that most stylish of decades.

Sorry I didn't write one yesterday! I forgot my journal, and hence I could not write on the train. Anyway, this guy I saw today reminded me a lot of Tom-Baker-as-Doctor-Who, except in his 20's. But I decided to go with just the 70's in general. More accessible. Anyway, trivia tonight! Exciting stuff. 


  1. Glad to know there's a young version of my personal favorite Doctor out there!

  2. thanks for the comment. i ADORED the sherlockian, and i'm not even a holmes fan. well, i am now, having been inspired to DEVOUR everything by and about him since reading the sherlockian.


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