Friday, May 27, 2011

Ruth; Ronald

To make up for the blog neglect, here are two stories in one post!

Ruth: Seen on the Purple Line to Linden at about 8:25 a.m., May 26th, 2011

I love my Lord Jesus, and I love to read His Word more than anything. Ever since the birth of my first child I've carried the Holy Bible around with me every day, for God's teachings give me comfort in every situation. Whether I'm feeling happy, sad, angry, or hopeless, I just open up my Bible and the words I need to hear are right there.

Last Christmas my daughter Elizabeth, who is a lawyer and skips Church far too often, bought me one of those newfangled e-readers. She said: "Now you can read your Bible on here, Mama, instead of carrying the actual heavy book around with you." At first I found it very uncomfortable; it seemed almost sacrilegious to read His Word electronically. But now I've come to feel that it's a blessing. God has just made it that much easier for me to study the scripture. He carries the weight of the physical book for me. And to this day, the Holy Bible is the only book I have downloaded. It's the only book I need.

Ronald: Seen on the Northbound Davis Street platform at about 8:35 a.m., May 26th, 2011

Ronald strolls off the train, ignoring the confused stares people throw his way. He knows that he looks eccentric, to say the least. But that's just the way life goes when you're into Clown Goth.

Clown Goth is a new, up-and-coming sub-genre of clothes and music. Not many people know about it, but those involved in the scene are dedicated to it completely. Ronald is on his way to the first-ever Clown Goth convention: Death Circus I. And in the Clown Goth sense, he is dressed to the nines. His over-six-foot frame looks intimidatingly silly in a black jacket with a gray-purple flower boutonniere, a black kilt, green knee-socks, and saddle shoes. He's decided to wait to put on his make-up until he gets to the hotel, so as not to alarm the general public. He also has to touch up his roots when he gets there; the parking-cone-orange color currently starts a few inches below his part and drips its way down his long, straggly hair.

Ronald has high hopes for Death Circus I. Tight Rope Noose, the most popular band in the genre, is going to play. He's always wanted to see them. In fact, Ronald wants to start his own Clown Goth band (he plays drums), so he'll be looking for potential new members at the convention. And maybe he'll even meet the girl of his dreams--a delicate, pale-faced, dark-eyed creature in a corset with vivid hair bundled under a top hat.

And there's that. Agenda for this evening: mojitos. I hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend!

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