Monday, May 9, 2011

Natalie & Amanda

Seen on the Purple Line to the Loop at about 5:15 p.m.

Natalie pretended to read the Red Eye. She looked like any other 20-something--worn jeans, black jacket, pink pashmina, and a pair of those fashionably large sunglasses. If people were paying attention, they might have observed that Natalie's glasses were extraordinarily large. They consumed the top half of her face, and one would imagine that they effectively blocked her peripheral vision. In fact, they would have blocked her peripheral vision, if she had any. Natalie didn't have any vision at all. If you removed her glasses, you would find huge gaping holes of nothing in her face. They wouldn't be staring back at you, nor would they be reflecting anything. Your stomach would turn when you realized that you were looking into non-existance.

Natalie was born that way. If she had lived in a different time, she probably would have been forced into a freak show, traveling the world and fascinating people with her dark, empty sockets. Instead, she stayed in Chicago, wore large glasses, and pretended to be normal.

She also pretended not to notice when Amanda got on the train. She could smell her perfume. Amanda was a member of the same support group as Natalie, a group for "those made differently." Natalie obviously didn't know what Amanda looked like, but she had heard many descriptions. She knew all about Amanda's problem. She knew that Amanda had recently acquired a new, tailor-made coat. It was bright yellow, with buttons down the back as a trendy artistic statement. She always paired it with a thick scarf piled around her neck. That's because Amanda wanted to blend in, too. You see, the back of Amanda's coat was really the front. Without the coat, and with more confidence, she might have used her backwards head as a trendy artistic statement.

Natalie and Amanda did not talk to each other. These splendid freaks ignored the fact that they were more unique than most people could ever hope to be. They pretended that they were just like everyone else.

Hello again! I had a lovely weekend, and I learned some important lessons:

1) I must hang out in Wicker Park more, even if it is a pain to get there.

2) Dalek cupcakes, while awesome, take way too much time and effort (see picture below)

3) Taking your mom out to see drag queens perform is a great way to spend mother's day.

Anyway, I'm off to Felipe's to watch Harry Potter. Literary nerd time is important. 

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