Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Seen on the Purple Line to the Loop at about 5:10 p.m.

Marnie holds a small bouquet of red roses that looks larger compared to her tiny body. She bought the flowers simply so that people will wonder why she has them. Maybe she's going to lay them at a loved one's grave. Maybe they're from a secret admirer. Maybe they're just to brighten up her kitchen table. In fact, she will throw them away when she gets home. Marnie hates roses. But during her commute, the roses will make her a noteworthy person, and that's the important thing.

Super short story! Fun times. It's such a nice day! I want to go eat outside.  Must make this happen...

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  1. Pretending to Know You're a Missed Connection
    by Lovelorn Poets

    I Hope He Treats You Good

    I saw you sitting on the train today with a bunch of red roses. You're so pretty and small. You look like you're a nice lady - not the kind that gets all mad when a guy tries to talk to you on the train. I wanted to talk to you but I bet you have a boyfriend - did he give you those roses? I hope he's good to you. If I see you again and you look sad I'm going to say hello. Your secret admirer.


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