Friday, May 20, 2011


Seen on the Brown Line to Kimball at about 8:15 p.m., May 19th, 2011.

The Princess Gloria peers out the window at the shabby sides of buildings that pass by; she silently studies her territory. She likes to ride the L trains back and forth and observe the everyday lives of those in her capital city. Everything about her screams royalty--the long, blonde hair that sweeps down her back and delicately curls at the ends, her confident nose, the red velvet scarf around her neck. Yet none of her subjects recognize Gloria as their princess.

Many people in America believe there is a shadow government, in case tragedy strikes Washington D.C. What they don't know is that the shadow government is a monarchy. That way one single person can make decisions in a time of crisis without all the messiness of democratic debate. Chicago is the royal family's capital city for obvious reasons--it's far cleaner than LA & New York, but it's still large, beautiful, and full of culture. Furthermore, it is far less likely to be attacked than either of those cities, at least while the current government is still in place. The monarchy reside in a Gold Coast mansion, waiting for the day to come when they will have to truly reign.

But Gloria, Crown Princess of the United States, hopes that she will never see that day. She has been groomed to rule her whole life, and she will accept the responsibility if she must. She'd just prefer not to do so. She'd like to remain a secret princess all her days, presiding over her conditional kingdom.

Gah! This week has been conspiring against my blogging. Yesterday I ended up working until 7, and had to go straight to go-go dancing lessons without stopping home or eating or anything. Not too fun. So obviously, I couldn't blog then. But I did write this story yesterday.  Hope you like it. I'll try to make up the lack of stories this week with some more this weekend. 

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