Thursday, April 28, 2011


Seen on the Purple Line to the Loop at about 5:14 p.m.

Patricia buried her head in a book on the L ride home, but she couldn't concentrate; she was fuming. During that morning's meeting of CAPES, her colleagues expressed disappointment in her disguise. They apparently felt that the combination of the short, mousy hair, tan trench coat, a-line skirt, knee socks, and grandmotherly shoes was simply too modest and inconspicuous. The look in no way hinted at the accomplished, strong, intelligent hero she truly was. They told her that she should be proud of her secret identity. As if she didn't know that already.

CAPES--the Chicago Avengers & Protection Encouragement Society--was the oldest and most illustrious league of heroes in the city. She had worked hard for years in order to be accepted, and now her membership was in jeopardy due to a stupid disguise.

Patricia fretted. They couldn't kick her out. They couldn't possibly. She was The Encyclopedic Woman. She knew literally everything there was to know in the realm of human knowledge. And the breadth of her wisdom was continually expanding. It was too unique a skill. They needed her. Sure, other heroes could control the elements, or were outrageously strong. But who else knew how to disarm ANY bomb at a moment's notice? Who else knew the greatest weaknesses of every government on earth? Who else knew how to create and administer previously unheard of and totally undetectable poisons? Only Patricia.

She clenched her teeth. One thing was for sure: The Encyclopedic Woman wasn't going down without a fight.

That story goes out to my friend Ben, who writes the blog "Unaligned." He wanted me to write about a superhero.

Did you see the awesome missed connection that Lovelorn Poets left for Cassidy in yesterday's post? You should also probably check out the flash fiction I wrote in response to one of Lovelorn Poets' missed connections...


  1. This. Is. Awesome. My favorite of your posts thus far :)

  2. I have to agree with Leta. Too short I wantz to know more about the league ...

  3. Thanks guys. :) Maybe I'll have to write about other members of CAPES when I see them...


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