Friday, April 1, 2011

Kate and Max

Seen on the Brown Line to Kimball at about 8 p.m.

Kate battled the desire to reach out and touch Max's long gray coat.  It looked so soft.  As usual, he was dressed impeccably.  With his hair tastefully slicked back, his black thick-but-not-too-thick-framed glasses, his black leather gloves, and his brown leather briefcase (and of course that tempting coat), Max looked like he had stepped straight out of an episode of Mad Men.  She wondered if he liked Mad Men.  That could be a deal-breaker.

She remembered the first time she saw Max.  He had strolled into her office a few weeks ago and sat down at the desk opposite hers.  His computer screen obscured most of his face, but she found herself frequently staring at his brown eyes, which peeked out above the monitor.  He was eating an everything bagel.

It turned out that they both commuted home on the Brown Line, so they just sort of fell into the habit of going to and from the office together.  The more Kate talked to Max, the more she liked him.  In fact, she could state with confidence that they had hit it off.  Thanks to Max, her commute was the best part of her day.  She'd take talking to him over reading on her new Kindle any day.

As she listened to him talk about his day, Kate smiled, and her toes curled up in her silver flats.  All too soon she noticed that they were nearing the Addison station.  She interrupted him:

"Hey, this is my stop.  Uh, do you maybe want to grab dinner, though?"

"Yeah, sounds great.  I'm starving.  What's good around here?"

Elated, Kate exited the train with Max at her side.

And there you have it.  My first story for this blog!  Exciting.  In other news, when I got back from go-go dancing class today (yes, I take go-go dancing lessons), I got off the train, and what do you think I saw? An ad for the new season of Doctor Who!  I was so thrilled that I literally almost squealed aloud.  I am that much of a dork.  Fact.  Anyway...I'll post again soon! 

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