Saturday, April 9, 2011

Daisy; The Tattered Cover

Here, for your reading pleasure, is a guest story from my wonderful friend Leta!

Daisy: Seen outside The Tattered Cover on Colfax at about noon.

I love being outside.  All the smells on the wind, all the people.  I stay outside when he goes in.  I always have to fight the twinge of anxiety when he leaves--he always comes back to me, but no matter what, I can't get rid of that instant of doubt.  But the breeze is playing along the sidewalk and the sun is warm, and I forget my worry watching the people passing. A lady has two girls with her in bright jackets.  They smile at me and I wave at them.  I like days like this, and places like this.  Everyone is happy and no one is in a hurry.  I'm so busy watching people I don't eve see that he has returned until he is at my side.  "Come on, Daisy," he says, untying my leash from the pole.  He scratches my ears, and I wave my tail at him.

And here is a story from me.

The Tattered Cover about about 12:30 p.m.

I must say, I enjoy my current state.  I was alarmed at first when they gutted me, viciously ripped out my insides, seemingly without a reason.  I didn't know what I had done to deserve it.  For years I had invited people inside.  I cushioned them in the plush red embrace of my chairs, and I sheltered them as they laughed and cried at the tales of human nature that were enacted before them.  It's true that I eventually grew older; as I became shabbier, they stopped wanting to come inside.  Still, I didn't feel that this was a valid excuse to disembowel me.

But then they came back.  They replaced my chairs with tall wooden shelves. Now I proudly display ideas and stories once again.  I like that the people come inside me and slowly browse.  I smile when someone discovers a volume that turns out to be an unexpected pleasure.  The same people come back again and again; I watch them grow.  I am happy to entertain and educate them, and I am glad that they love me.

Greetings from sunny Denver!  I am here visiting Leta (whose blog, Brain or Shine, you should definitely read), and we have been having a lovely time.  We went to the Tattered Cover, which is the bookstore from whose perspective I wrote.  It used to be a theater, but they turned it into an AMAZING bookstore.  It's huge and has a great selection, and the people who work there are really friendly.  We also went to a fun record shop called Twist and Shout, and soon we are heading to the zoo.  But we wrote some stories while we were at the bookstore, and I wanted to get them posted.  Anyway, more to come soon! 

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