Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Seen on the Purple Line to Linden at about 8:18 a.m.

Cassidy eats her breakfast on the L. A bagel with cream cheese and coffee should provide her with the energy she needs to get through the day. She is the lead singer of Broken Promise, an up-and-coming Chicago rock band. Think Joan Jett meets T. Rex. Today she's heading up to the Northwestern campus to flyer for Broken Promise's show in Evanston on Saturday.

Cassidy has a very different idea of what it means to be a rock star than her bandmates. They're good musicians, but what they really want is the stereotypical rock star lifestyle--drinking, partying, sex. More sex. They're still sleeping off their hangovers, which is why we find Cassidy alone. She knows that creating a successful band is hard work, and she's determined to make it to the top. She advertises. She handles the band's finances. It even goes so far as her appearance. She always makes sure to look the part: messy hair, thick eyeliner, denim jacket, two or three necklaces, super-skinny jeans, black leather boots. Her bandmates may act like rock stars, but Cassidy is the only one whose utter coolness intimidates and intrigues people.

Yes, if Broken Promise succeeds, it will be due entirely to Cassidy's efforts. And even if they don't succeed, you'll always be able to find Cassidy on a stage somewhere.

Exciting news time!  David Malki ! of "Wondermark" and Ryan North of "Dinosaur Comics" have announced that they're putting together "Machine of Death 2," another collection of short stories about people who know how they'll die!  The first "Machine of Death" is pretty awesome, so I think I'm going to submit a story. You should, too! 

Also, today Chicago Quirk posted a delicious suggestion for what to do with your leftover Cadbury Cream Eggs...


  1. From the Pretending to Know You Craigslist Chicago MC...

    Will You Be My Punk Rock Grrrl?
    I see you every morning on the Purple Line eating your bagel and drinking coffee. You're always wearing something edgy and punk rock and I don't mean to sound creepy and stalker-like but you have a great style - you really do look very cool. I wonder if you're an art student or musician because sometimes you're writing in a little moleskine book or sketching out a design on copy paper. I wish that just one time you would look up and notice me - I'm the shy guy with dark hair and round glasses who spends too much time drawing and casting glances your way. I hope you see this and remember me. Just give me some sort of sign that talking to you would be ok...

  2. Ha! LP, that's awesome.

    Becks - nice work.

  3. I would also be interested in submitting a story to the Machine of Death dealie. I've never heard of it before, but I definitely dig the idea.


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